Quick Start Guide

Thank you for purchasing a WeatherFlow Smart Weather Station!

Let’s get you up and running.

  1. Download the WeatherFlow Smart Weather app:  [Android link]  [iOS link]
  2. Follow steps on the app to configure your station.  
  3. Place your AIR outside in full shade. Locate your SKY in full sun with a 360 degree wind fetch. [What is wind fetch? Link to Proper Siting page]


[YouTube video of getting started procedure]



  • Configure your station with the app before siting the sensor device outdoors.
  • BATTERIES: Use primary lithium batteries - Energizer Ultimate Lithium or similar.
  • HUB: plug into a power outlet indoors, within range of your home WiFi signal. While accessing data directly via Bluetooth, from the hub to your smartphone or tablet, make sure the hub is located in close proximity for a strong Bluetooth signal.

[picture of hub plugged into wall in indoor environment]

  • AIR/SKY: when pairing your AIR and SKY to your hub, you may need to push the reset button which is located adjacent to the battery door.

[picture of AIR reset button]

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