Proper Siting

Proper Siting for AIR / SKY

Use this guide to most effectively site your AIR & SKY after the initial setup is completed.


For proper measurement of the outdoor ambient conditions, please try to place your AIR:

  • Outside and off the ground, ideally at eye level
  • In full shade
  • Away from potential sources of extra heat and moisture (such as sprinklers, air vents, brick and other dark surfaces)

Orientation does not matter: right-side up, up-side down, sideways, all good! If you don't have a location that's in full shade all day, consider purchasing a simple "radiation shield" like this one:

If you receive false lightning strikes or don’t pick up actual strikes, check for nearby sources of electromagnetic radiation such as antennas and electric fences. Try to move your AIR as far away from these sources as possible.



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