Classic iKitesurf: Here to stay

We know that many of our long-time riders in North America love our classic iKitesurf weather tools. Even as we continue to innovate with the latest & greatest new-school kite weather tools, our classic weather features will be here to stay on iKitesurf! Click on the "Classic iKitesurf" tabs, available at the top of every page on iKitesurf.

In 2015, we introduced a completely re-tooled iKitesurf website, built on a much more scalable system, allowing us to include far greater numbers of weather stations and forecasts as compared to classic iKitesurf. Fully global in scope, iKitesurf now offers much-improved wind graphs and wind forecasts for over 50,000 weather stations and forecasts world-wide. Our Classifieds and Forums are now reloaded and fully mobile-friendly. In addition, our new Videos and News sections deliver even more eye candy to you during your iKitesurf sessions.

As always, feel free to contact us with suggestions or feedback.

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