Deleting Classifieds

Delete an iKitesurf ad -OR- an iWindsurf ad


Deleting an iKitesurf ad:

Make sure you are signed in to your account.

1) Select Classifieds.

2) Under My Classifieds choose the ad  -or-  choose More and then select the ad.


3) Select Edit.


4) At the bottom of the page, select Delete this Classified ad.  Then choose Yes, Delete It from the confirmation box.


Deleting an iWindsurf ad:

1) Select Buy / Sell.

2) On the left-hand menu, select Delete Ads.

3) Select the category under which the ad was placed.


4) Sign in with your iWindsurf log in information.


5) Select the Show all ........ ads posted.


6) At the bottom of the page, select Submit Deletion.  (Note that for multiple ads, choose the check box for which ad(s) to delete.)



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