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WINDmeter Direct Reporting

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 The WINDmeter does not output wind direction data,the wind direction that will be reported on the Wind & Weather meter app actually comes from your mobile device itself.  All modern smart phones and many tablets have built-in GPS chips and an internal compass.  This information is collected by the Wind & Weather meter app so that your onsite report will be able to contribute wind speed and direction data as well as locational information.


But my app is reading the wrong wind direction.  What gives?

Remember how wind direction is reported.  The meteorological standard is that wind direction indicates the direction the wind is blowing from and not the direction the wind is blowing toward.  So, a reading of WSW means the wind is blowing from the WSW.


Insure that you are properly oriented to register a wind reading.  The WINDmeter device must be firmly plugged into your mobile device. Both you and the device should face directly into the wind.  If you attempt to put your back to the wind and hold up the device, your wind reading will be approximately 180o off.


Double-check the accuracy of your mobile device's internal compass.  Using the compass app that your device has, or by downloading a compass app, test the internal compass accuracy.  Not all mobile devices, especially aging ones, report the wind direction with pinpoint accuracy.


Check the Wind & Weather meter app settings.  Within the Wind Meter app, go to Settings and then to Magnetic Declination.  There are options for True North and Magnetic North.  True North aligns with the geographic north pole.  Magnetic North aligns with the magnetic north pole.  The difference is called "declination" and varies with both your location on the earth and over time as the magnetic field of the earth oscillates.



WEATHERmeter Direction Reporting


The WEATHERmeter has a built-in compass (magnetometer). That means you don't have to point your phone in any particular direction - just hold the WEATHERmeter into the wind with the button facing you (away from the wind) WITHOUT pressing down on the button.  

Does your compass seem off? Please see these notes on calibration.

Note: even with calibration, the compass in the meter will probably not be as accurate as your smart phone. Smart phones have more sensors (GPS, accelerometer) and can often auto-calibrate.

In cases where you want or need a more accurate direction reading, the Wind & Weather Meter app has an option to use your phone's compass. In that case, you will need to point the phone in the same direction as the meter.

*Keep in mind that the meteorological standard is that wind direction indicates the direction the wind is blowing from and not the direction the wind is blowing toward. Be sure that you are holding the WEATHERmeter oriented to where the wind is blowing from when taking an accurate reading.


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