WINDmeter & WEATHERmeter Sharing Onsite Reports

The Wind & Weather Meter app allows you to easily take a reading by tapping the Start button followed by the Stop button.

After the reading is completed you will see the "Onsite Report" before it is published, where you will be able to make changes accordingly.

Please refer to the image below for basic instructions...
*Appearance may differ slightly for iOS users


  • You may delete the onsite report for any reason before it gets posted or saved to your readings history
  • More recorded values are available for viewing along with the 6 preferred display options. Just tap MORE while viewing the particular report.
  • Add a description to your reading before you save it. You can comment on the current conditions, or make a personal note for yourself.
  • Fine-tune your report by selecting a value such as temperature and adjust the reading manually to account for incongruities. Feel free to add a comment about your adjustments. (Some variables are not permitted to be manually altered)
  • Save your report once you're finished customizing!


You have the option to make your report public (default setting) or you can privatize the reading and keep it to yourself (tap or slide to the off position in the Settings menu)

We highly recommend publishing your report for other local users to see and utilize. 

After saving your report you will be directed to the summarized reading as seen below on the left.

From here you will be able to further share your reading with friends and on social media or simply view your onsite report on the map!


 *Appearance may differ slightly for iOS users



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