WINDmeter Troubleshooting

Check this help page for a list of supported devices: WINDmeter Supported Devices

Get started with instructions on how to install the Wind & Weather meter app. However, for your device to work properly please make sure the following conditions are satisfied:


*For iPhone6, (6 Plus) that are having issues connecting with the app. 

 1) uninstall the app then re-install the app making sure that you accept ALL the permissions for the app

 2)If your WINDmeter is still not recognized, Please check that it is fully inserted

4)if the issue persists, please check the general information below for ALL devices, especially the settings graphics for IOS to make sure the Mic is turned on, and all the other settings are correct.

**If you find that the issue persists please contact us at and we will  provide a solution. 


  • For all devices:
    1. Please make sure volume is on maximum.  Some apps run in the background, such as Beats Audio, Adapt Sound, RingDimmer, IntelliRing, Volume Tuner, FoxyRing, etc., and actually reduce the volume output and essentially cut power to the WINDmeter.  So, disable any such app.
    2. The WINDmeter must be seated firmly into the headphone jack to assure an unimpeded connection.  If crumbs, lint, or other particles get into the headphone jack - such as can happen after leaving your phone in your pocket or purse - then the headphone jack may need to be carefully cleaned using a q-tip.
    3. Location services should also be turned on for the WINDmeter app.


  • For Android devices:
  1. Saving the WINDmeter app on the phone or tablet's memory rather than on the SD card may make a difference.
  2. Turning "Vibrate on sound" OFF on Android devices may make a difference.


  • For iOS devices:
    1. For the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, the headphone jack is a bit tighter than previous models.  It does not have a nice click feel when the jack is firmly inserted. So, be sure to double check that it is properly inserted.
    2. Audio must not be set to mono.  If it is set to mono, the WINDmeter app will appear normal but a No Wind Recorded? message will appear when you try to take a reading.  To confirm Mono Audio is not on, go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Mono Audio = OFF (gray).
    3. The microphone privacy settings must be turned on for the WINDmeter app.  If it is not turned on the WINDmeter app will display a WINDmeter Not Found error message  To confirm that the Microphone is on, go to Settings > Privacy > Microphone > Wind Meter = ON (green). If you do not see WINDmeter in your Microphone privacy settings, check the microphone privacy settings under General->Restrictions (parental controls). Here is an Apple help topic

  • For European iOS devices: 
            The WeatherFlow WINDmeter may NOT support iOS devices sold in Europe (except Italy, Finland or Spain) because headphone output may not exceed 100dB. This decibel limit is in place, in accord with EU regulations, to prevent hearing damage. The limited audio output may not be enough to power the Wind Meter. However, if you use new iOS devices, such as an iPhone 5 with iOS 6.x or above, you may able to turn off the volume limit.

*If you find that the issue persists, please contact us via Chat or and we will provide a workaround solution. 


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