WINDmeter & WEATHERmeter QuickStart Guide

Congratulations on the Purchase of your WINDmeter , WEATHERmeter, or AGmeter


1) Install the FREE WeatherFlow Wind & Weather meter app on your mobile device.

2) Open the app, choose your initial settings,  tap check_mark.PNG  


3) Insert the WINDmeter into the Audio Jack or press the power button on the WEATHERmeter* to connect your device. Press start to take a reading.


* Note: Make sure Bluetooth is turned on for your device. Unlike typical Bluetooth devices, you do NOT need to pair Bluetooth Smart devices like the WEATHERmeter with your phone. Just start the app, turn on the meter, and it will connect!

** Note for the initial reading with the WEATHERmeter, you may be asked to Calibrate Compass

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For full app installation instructions:  Android  -or-  Apple 

For complete instructions:  WINDmeter or WEATHERmeter 


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