Configuring Alerts & Devices

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A wind alert is a way to notify yourself when observed and/or forecast winds meet specified conditions. There are three methods by which you can receive wind alerts: email, text message, or mobile push notification. To add one of these methods, see: Configuring Alert Devices

Membership is required for alert setup. We feel that all members are entitled to wind alerts! While free members are limited to 30 alerts per month, paid memberships can receive unlimited alerts.

Alerts from WeatherFlow stations (premium sensors) require a Pro or Gold membership!


Setup a new alert:

  • Select a spot from the Wind Map > Save Spot or More

(This will add the spot to the active profile and the "Star" icon will change to an "Alert" icon)

  • Tap the Alert icon to create an alert.

  • Adjust the conditions to be met and be sure to save the alert when finished!

Edit existing alerts:


Setup a new alert:

  • Select a weather station or nowcast spot, click the preview window to open the larger site panel.
  • Then click the alert icon found on the green menu bar at the top of the large window.

Configuring alerts:

  • Choose the method of alert delivery.
  • Customize the conditions to be met which will trigger an alert to be sent.


Trigger alerts based on observations

  • Check the Observations Box for Alerts based on Observations
  • Choose the trigger method (Average, or Gust)
  • Choose alert notification frequency

Opt to receive forecast alerts

  • Check the box "Send alert based on forecast"
  • Choose the Forecast model(s) to be used.
  • Choose the Forecast Range (default setting is 48 hours ahead).

Don't forget to Save your alert!


Configuring Alert Devices

  • Navigate to My Alerts from the My Weather drop down menu.
  • Mouse over the intended device type you wish to create or configure.
  • Enter the required info for e-mail and text message alerts.

(Note: When configuring more than one mobile device, the most recent device logged in to the account will receive the push notification alert.)


See also, Disabling or Deleting Alerts

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