Saving Favorites

How to save favorites on Mobile or Web

To save favorites, you will need a membership, but no worries, membership is free! Membership makes it possible to save your account preferences, customize your favorite content and more. To learn more about free membership, please click here.

My Weather is your assortment of your weather info - Alerts, Favorite Profiles, etc. - that allows you to customize your wind and weather information. You can save your favorite weather stations, customized maps and much more to your Favorite Profiles.

Note: Items saved to favorites will be saved to the active favorites profile. Learn more about Creating or Configuring Favorite Profiles.

 Saving Spots & Maps to Favorites on the Mobile app

 Saving Stations or Spots

Select the Sensor or Spot, choose Details, and select the "Star Icon".

 Saving Maps to Favorites

After choosing the map you wish to save, select the "Star Icon", choose a name for the map and select Save.


Choose the Gear Icon, customize the map, and tap on Back. Choose a name for the map and select SAVE.

 Saving SpotsMaps, & More to Favorites on the Website

 Saving Spots

From the My Weather menu, select the favorites profile to be used. Search for the spot you would like to save.

1) Select the Station or Spot to open the preview panel.

2) Choose the 'Star icon'. This will add the station or spot to the selected favorites profile.

Search for the Map (Personalize it to suit your preferences under the customize tab.)

 1) From the My Weather menu, select the favorites profile to which you'd like to add content.

 2) Select Save Map.

 3) Type the name for the map and be sure to select SAVE.


Save More Items to Favorites Profiles

1) Choose the favorites profile from the drop down list under My Weather.

2) From the Station or Spot Graph choose More (this opens the spot graph and more spot options).

3) After selecting a chart (in this case Forecast) choose the "Star Icon".

4) A suggested name can be customized. Be sure to hit SAVE to add it to the favorites profile chosen.


If you want to add a customized forecast location (aka: a NowCast spot) see Adding a NowCast spot.


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