Adding a NowCast spot

For a description of NowCast spots, see NowCast Spots


Add a personal Nowcast spot to a MyWeather favorites profile:

First, click the Forecast Map product from the Regional Products menu

Then click anywhere on the map to generate a Nowcast spot at that location. A preview panel will appear at the specific lat/long coordinates. You can open the larger panel for this newly created spot by clicking the preview panel again. 

You can then save the NowCast spot to your favorites profiles by using the star icon in the top right of the large panel. You can also customize and save the spot's wind graph, forecast tables and tide charts (if applicable), before saving.

For more info on saving favorites, see Saving Favorites


Add a permanent NowCast spot to our database:

As the name implies, a "NowCast" is not a weather station.  Rather, WeatherFlow computer modelers and programmers have developed algorithms that ingest real-time observations from nearby locations as well as the latest computer model data to produce a real-time interpolated wind vectors for anywhere in the world. The forecast data for a NowCast spot is simply generated by computer model output at the specific coordinates of the location.

To request that we add a NowCast spot to the database, simply click here and send us the following information:
- Name of the location
- Latitude and Longitude of the spot

(Please note that we may not always add a requested NowCast spot if there are other nearby NowCast spots or weather station.)

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