WEATHERmeter Supported Devices

If your Device supports Bluetooth Low Energy (aka BLE, Bluetooth Smart or Bluetooth v4.0+) it will support the WEATHERmeter.

Bluetooth Low Energy Compatibility

Our WEATHERmeter Bluetooth Smart meter works with all Apple iPhones 4S or newer & iPads Generation 3 or newer operating on iOS 7.0 or newer. 

The WEATHERmeter also work with Android phones & tablets with operating system 4.3 (Jelly Bean) or newer that support Bluetooth Low Energy (which is most Android phones produced since 2011).
Note: Unlike typical Bluetooth devices, you do NOT need to pair Bluetooth Low Energy devices like the WEATHERmeter with your phone. Just start the app, turn on the meter, and it will connect!


Official Bluetooth Smart Compatibility

For more information on Bluetooth Low Energy (aka BLE or Bluetooth Smart), please CLICK HERE.


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