WEATHERmeter User Guide

Using Your WEATHERmeter

* Note: Make sure Bluetooth is turned on for your device. Unlike typical Bluetooth devices, you do NOT need to pair Bluetooth Smart devices like the WEATHERmeter with your phone. Just start the app, turn on the meter, and it will connect!

After having installed the Wind & Weather meter app:

1) Start the app, then press the button on your WEATHERmeter. The WEATHERmeter button will flash slowly until paired and then stop flashing. >Start


Hold the WEATHERmeter into the wind with the button facing you (away from the wind) WITHOUT pressing down on the button.  

3) For instructions on:



-Sharing Reports

4) WEATHERmeter State: The LED indicator light shuts down (in order to save power) once the WEATHERmeter connects to your phone or tablet, so it can be difficult to know if the WEATHERmeter is on or not. Keep in mind that the WEATHERmeter only works with our app - it will shut down after 30 seconds of being disconnected. The meter can be in one of five states and the meter and app together indicate which:


To shut down the WEATHERmeter hold the button until the LED flashes quickly and then shuts off.

5) Compass:

The WEATHERmeter has a built-in compass (magnetometer). That means you don't have to point your phone in any particular direction - just point the meter into the wind!

Does your compass seem off? Please see these notes on calibration.

Note: even with calibration, the compass in the meter will probably not be as accurate as your smart phone. Smart phones have more sensors (GPS, accelerometer) and can often auto-calibrate.

In cases where you want or need a more accurate direction reading, the Wind & Weather Meter app has an option to use your phone's compass. In that case, you will need to point the phone in the same direction as the meter.

To enable the phone's compass:

Menu > Settings > Use WEATHERmeter compass > Yes

6) Battery:

There is a replaceable CR2450 battery in the WEATHERmeter. It is designed to provide approximately 500 hours of use on low power and 300 on high power, which should be many years of normal sampling. If your battery dies, however, you can easily replace it. Just peel off the silicone "skin" to reveal a battery door. Slide the battery door open, replace the battery, and put the skin back on. 

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WEATHERmeter Technical Specifications

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** If any iOS app becomes un-response, follow instruction here **


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