Finding forecast tables

Finding Forecast Tables on  Mobile app -OR-  Website

 The Forecast Table is a valuable tool for determining the future weather.  The table shows an hour by hour forecast of each weather parameter predicted by a computer model including wind speed and direction, cloud cover, temperature etc. Many different models are available to view. Each forecasts different parameters and has different strength. Here's how to access the forecast tables so that you can compare models.

Finding Forecast Tables through the Mobile App

Use the Menu to select Wind Observations & Forecasts

     1.  Load the preview graph by tapping on a location. Tap Details and select Forecast Table.

     2.  Scroll right to view future time periods. The Quicklook forecast model will be displayed but other models are available. 

     3.   Select Model to load model options.The model name will be indicated at the top of the table. Select Parameters to chose between Basic/Advanced. Advanced mode reveals more forecast parameters.


Finding Forecast Tables through the Website

To view the seven day forecast table information, make sure you're on the Wind Observations & Forecasts tab under the Regional Products

     1. Search for the location you're interested in.  Click on the weather station or Nowcast spot that you're interested in.Next, from the preview panel, click on theForecast button.  


     2.  The forecast table loads the Quicklook model. To view other models toggle the Basic/Advanced switch.

     3.  Select a model from the drop down Model Menu.

     4.  Slide the window along the seven day preview menu to load the time period you wish to view in the table.

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