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We recommend using Paypal to make purchases, rather than sending checks through the mail, sending wires, or other means. We have found that when there are problems between sellers and buyers, Paypal usually does a good job with dispute resolution. If you make a purchase and do not receive your gear from the seller, an important step is to file a complaint with Paypal within 45 days. In the case of a problem seller who fails to ship the item(s) to the buyer, Paypal has procedures which can in several cases lead to a refund of the amount paid. Important - We do not recommend using the Paypal lower-security "money transfers to friends or family" option, because that can severely limit your ability to file a complaint and/or get a refund through Paypal.

The Paypal Security page: https://www.paypal.com/webapps/mpp/paypal-safety-and-security



-Do not wire funds (such as via Western Union or Money Gram). When you see this request, you know you almost certainly are dealing with a scammer.

-Do not accept money orders, or certified checks / cashiers checks. In most cases, they will be fakes.

-No “Third Parties”. Deal with the person, not a “guaranteeing” third party.

-If the person seems fishy, ask to speak on the phone.

-If concerned, ask to see more photos of the item, and from different angles. (Some scammers don't have the item at all, so they can't take pictures of it!)



Many scams involve:

-Poorly worded first inquiry, which is often very general / vague.

-Escrow service for “protection” or as the “guarantor”, Western Union or Money Gram, money order or cashiers check.



-If defrauded by a person you met face-to-face, contact your local Police department.

-Notify your government. 

-In the United States:

-In Canada:





iKitesurfs classifieds is 100% free to use. Users are welcome to list gear for sale, or purchase gear from other members of the kiting community. In return for posting your FREE classified ad, you agree that it is in compliance with our guidelines. We do not wish to censor or police the ads being posted here, but in order to prevent abuses of these Guidelines, and to keep the iKitesurf Classifieds feature appropriate for our general audience, which includes people of all ages, races, religions, and nationalities, iKitesurf reserves the right to remove any ads in violation of our guidelines.


By posting an ad on iKitesurf you agree to the following terms:


  1. I do indemnify iKitesurf / WeatherFlow and hold it harmless for any losses or damages to myself or to others that may result directly or indirectly from any classified ads that I post or that I reply to. I agree that I will be solely responsible for the content of all classified ads that I post.


  1. NO COMMERCIAL LISTINGS! If you are a commercial business and wish to sell products to the iKitesurf audience, please support us with a paid advertising campaign. On the iKitesurf Classifieds, commercial posts of "in-line" or "New" current year's gear, or last year's gear, are restricted. Please support the industry manufacturers and not disrupt the retail marketplace. Contact us for advertising options: email advertising AT weatherflow.com. Commercial ads posted to the iKitesurf Classifieds may be deleted


  1. No foul or otherwise inappropriate language will be tolerated. No racist, hateful, or otherwise offensive comments will be tolerated. Posting inappropriate content is subject to having your listing(s) removed immediately and without warning.


  1. No ad promoting activities that would be illegal under the laws of the state or province, or the country of domicile of WeatherFlow shall be allowed. Similarly no ad promoting activities that would be illegal under the laws of the state or province, or the country of domicile of the person posting the ad shall be allowed.


  1. Ads that appear to be merely a test posting, a joke, or otherwise insincere or non-serious are subject to removal. iKitesurf reserves the ultimate discretion as to which ads, if any, are in violation of any of these Guidelines listed here.


  1. No fraudulent listings, or overpayment scams at any time. Listings that are found with these attributes may be reported directly to the FTC. No solicitation of our users for purposes other than buying or selling gear shall be allowed.


  1. DO NOT LIST MULTIPLE SIZE ITEMS ON ONE LISTING. Doing so will make it difficult for shoppers to find your gear! because it will not sort properly. So, that is not in your best interest! Please, ONLY ONE SIZE ITEM PER LISTING. Example: a quiver of 10m,12m, and 14m North kites should be posted as three individual listings -- and this will greatly increase your chances of selling the item.


If you have questions or suggestions regarding these rules, please contact us at: support@ikitesurf.com


iKitesurf reserves the right to modify these rules at any time.


Thank you for using our Classifieds,

The iKitesurf Team

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