WINDmeter User Guide

Using Your WINDmeter


*Android Users:

If your device does not support Bluetooth, please install the original WINDmeter app which is still compatible: WINDmeter App


After having installed the Wind & Weather meter app:

1) Plug your WINDmeter into the Headphone Jack and ensure a good connection with the Wind & Weather Meter app open.

2) Hold the WINDmeter into the wind and press START to begin a reading. Once you have gotten a solid reading then press stop, or wait till the sample period is over.


3) Once you have taken a report, you have the option to save and make it public, save and have it not public, or delete. 

  • Your saved reports, whether they are public or not will be saved under your History



4) To disconnect the WINDmeter, simply pull the wind meter out of the auxiliary port. The screen will return back to the "Not Connected" page.


Beyond the Basics:


Now that you know how to take a basic reading, you can change the unit settings for each parameter. This can be done under the Settings.


The WIND and WEATHER meter connection page is formatted to be customized in any way that you would like. This can be done by simply tapping on one of the boxes under the real time readings.


The App also allows your to share the reports that you just made with the general public or to a friend/family member. This feature is called Onsite Reports.


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