Finding forecast maps

Finding forecast maps on  Mobile app -OR-  Website

WeatherFlow apps give you the chance to view the same maps professional meteorologists use to forecast the weather. The Forecast Maps indicate the predicted wind speed and direction for an area by a meteorological model.  Each model has its strengths and weakness so the maps may differ. Meteorologists compare the maps to determine which solution seems most likely.


Finding Forecast Maps through the Mobile App

     1.  From the menu screen tap Forecast Maps.  This will load the Quicklook forecast model.

     2.  Pan the map to locate the region you would like to view. To view another model tap the Model Name at the bottom of the screen.  

     3. The available models for this region will now be displayed. Tap the model you wish to see.





Finding Forecast Maps through the Website

     1.  To access the forecast maps, make sure the left-hand menu is open and click on the Regional Products tab. 

     2.  Select the Forecast Maps option. 




     3.  The Quicklook model will load showing the forecast winds predicted by this model for the current hour.

     4.  The colors indicate the wind speed. Use the legend at the bottom to determine how fast the winds are.

     5.  Use the slider bar at the top of the graph to view the forecast winds for future hours.




     6.  To view another computer forecast model click Customize.

     7.  Use the drop down menu under Forecast Model to select a model.

     8.   The model name will be displayed in the lower right corner.



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