Weather model options

WeatherFlow offers our customers the opportunity to view many different models. Why so many?  We want you to have the same tools that professional meteorologists use to make a forecast.  Each model has different strengths.  Meteorologist are trained to know how each model acts for certain atmospheric situations.  By watching and comparing these models you can determine and choose which one is best for your particular area or situation.  Here's a look at a selection of our available models to help you choose which one is best for your application.

Quicklook/Plus Forecast Model

Quicklook combines the best features of available models for an area to give you a complete forecast table. You can access this forecast product across the globe.  Our Premium members (Free members have access for a limited time) have the option to overlay the Plus model for the first 14 hours. Plus gives you the best of the best.  This model is frequently updated with weather details as low as 2 km.  If you can’t wait for the next forecast run don’t worry, you no longer need to wait more than one hour because Plus updates hourly.  Choose this model when you need to make weather decisions for the next 12 hours or for small areas.


Micro-scale Models

These model take a lot of computing power because they resolve the features on a small scale. Consequently the models operate in small areas and short time frames.  Use these models when looking for information for small features such as beaches and for the short term.

WF-WRF - WeatherFlow Weather Research and Forecasting Model - A Weatherflow exclusive.  This model is available to our premium customers in limited areas.  The resolution varies from 1 to 9km. We use our own proprietary network of sensors to seed the model which enables the model to initialize much closer to reality than other high resolution algorithms.  WF-WRF is currently run out up to 40 hours, 4 times daily. This is a great model to use to identify where localized sea breezes will develop.

WRF - The Weather Research and Forecasting Model - Is the product of a multi-agency and university collaboration.  We deliver this to you with a 5 km resolution for the continental United States and the surrounding coastal regions.

ARW 5km - Hawaii Model - It is another model run from UCAR incorporating several different models in an attempt to get better accuracy in Hawaii and Alaska. The higher resolution at 5km is thought to allow this model to better pick out the intricacies of the islands.

Regional Models

NAM - North American Mesoscale Model - This is a short range model and is delivered on WeatherFlow products in a 3km and 12km resolution for the next 48 to 84 hours. It is run 4 times daily and only available across North America and surrounding coastal regions. Typically, the first 48 hours are very accurate.

Global Models

GFS - Global Forecast System - It is run four times a day (00Z, 06Z, 12Z, 18Z) and produces forecasts up to 16 days in advance.  It is run at roughly 50km resolution.  However, the spatial and temporal resolution is reduced as the model is further out in time. The forecast produced beyond day 7 is generally not very accurate  It produces a forecast for every 3rd hour for the first 180 hours.

CMC - Environment Canada Global Model - This is another model which will give you a forecast for all points on the globe. The resolution is approximately  100km resolution and runs out 138 hours.  

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