Malfunctioning or down weather station

Weather stations are made up of mechanical parts.  The anemometer has bearings that can wear out with time, especially in salty air.  Meanwhile, weather stations can be subject to acts of nature such as lightning strikes or damage by birds.  Acts of man, such as an errant fishing line or the act of a vandal, can cause a sensor to malfunction.  In short, there are any number of possible causes.

Unfortunately, we are unable to influence the maintenance and upkeep, instrumentation, calibration, siting, and reporting frequency of non-WeatherFlow weather stations.  However, if one of your favorite WeatherFlow weather stations is down ** ask us about it** add we'll try to give you an update on the status of that station.  But please keep in mind that our small team of dedicated sensor maintenance technicians have a heavy workload with both maintenance and  new installations throughout North America and the Caribbean.  We really all they do and we equally appreciate your patience when a sensor needs servicing.


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