Adding a WeatherFlow Station in your area

We know that one of the big reasons you use WeatherFlow products is because you want the most accurate wind and weather possible.

At WeatherFlow, we design, install, and maintain our own network of research quality weather stations. These stations are deployed on piers, nav aids, pylons, etc. to give the most accurate readings that can be obtained. Our goal is to install Better Stations yielding Better Data! Since we design the stations ourselves they are made to last in harsh environments for maximum up time. Our engineers design and install equipment to withstand lightning, icing, marine corrosion, and so many other factors from their decades of research and hands on experience. In short, WeatherFlow weather stations are built to last and we dedicate ourselves to keeping them on line and giving maximum data integrity. The latest designs don't require any utilities giving us the option to install a station anywhere. All we need is permission.

Given the above requirements, WeatherFlow stations are higher priced than a typical OTC (over the counter) weather station. We typically offset these costs through our subscription services, sponsorships, and contracts.

Do you know a location where many people would benefit from a quality weather station? Are you representing a club, business, or public entity that is interested in sponsoring a professional weather station?

Click here to contact us to let us know!

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