Creating Website Widgets

Website Widgets

Create and customize iframe widgets to embed and display on your website.

First, navigate to the widget page from your desired station's spot detail page, or from the detail panel on the map page. Select the Widgets option; as seen in these examples:

You will be redirected to the widget page of the selected location. You will be able to customize the appearance of the widget(s) which will automatically edit the HTML code once you apply the changes.

To customize widgets, see Customizing the Look of Widgets.

Choose any of these six widget options:

    •  Wind Graph
    •  Forecast Table (Hourly)
    •  Forecast Table (Extended)
    •  Wind Statistics
    •  Yesterday's Wind
    •  Map

Here is an example of the Wind Graph widget on iKitesurf for Hatteras Landing:



Simply copy the code beneath the desired widget and paste it into your website!


(Note: If data access requires premium WeatherFlow membership, the viewer will need to be logged in as a premium member in order to view the data on the widget.)

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