WINDmeter & WEATHERmeter Settings

The Settings page will allow you to adjust user preferences and set display units.

Under the Settings menu you will see other options options: *Use Weather Meter Compass, *Wireless Range, *Background Mode, *Battery Level, Calibrate Compass, and Update Firmware.

(*may only appear on iOS version)



Settings Options

Use Weather Meter Compass (iOS/WEATHERmeter only)

  • You may choose to use the internal compass of your WEATHERmeter or your personal device's magnetometer

Wireless Range (WEATHERmeter only)

  • Adjust your range setting to either "Low" or "High"
  • Use the high setting if you are going to be taking readings with your WEATHERmeter at a distance
  • High range will use more battery power

Background Mode (WEATHERmeter only)

  • By default, the application will stop readings in progress and disconnect the WEATHERmeter when it no longer runs in the foreground.
  • Enable Background Mode to maintain connection to the WEATHERmeter and continue readings while the app runs in the background.
  • Disabling this setting will significantly increase battery life.

Calibrate Compass (WEATHERmeter only)

  • The WEATHERmeter compass needs to be calibrated before it can provide accurate readings.
  • Every time you travel with your WEATHERmeter you should re-calibrate the internal compass for improved accuracy.

Follow this link for information on calibrating your WEATHERmeter's internal compass 

Battery Level (iOS/WEATHERmeter only)

  • Displays battery power remaining in your WEATHERmeter

Update Firmware (WEATHERmeter only)

  • For updating new firmware released for your WEATHERmeter


User Preferences and Units Display

Primary Activity

  • What is your Primary Activity when using your WEATHERmeter?

Speed Units

  • You can select from a number of options that will adjust the units displayed for wind speed
  • The Beaufort scale is also an available option 

Direction Display

  • Display in Text (NW) or in Degrees (315°)

Magnetic Declination

  • You have the option to view your directional reading based on true north (the geographic North Pole of our Earth) or magnetic north (the direction a compass will point to)

Maximum Sample Period

  • Instead of pressing the stop button while taking a reading - you can set the sampling period to a certain length
  • There is an "∞" option if you want to take a reading lasting longer than 60 seconds

Temperature Units (WEATHERmeter only)

  • Choose Celsius vs. Fahrenheit

Pressure Units (WEATHERmeter only)

  • Choose inHg vs. millibar

Other Units

  • Use this option to set the units option for other calculated measures produced by your WEATHERmeter


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