WEATHERmeter Troubleshooting

* Note: Make sure Bluetooth is turned on for your device. Unlike typical Bluetooth devices, you do NOT need to pair Bluetooth Smart devices like the WEATHERmeter with your phone. Just start the app, turn on the meter, and it will connect!

**Android Users**

** Make sure you have the correct App installed.  Only the Wind and Weather meter app is compatible with the WEATHERmeter


Get started with instructions on how to install the Wind & Weather meter app. However, for your device to work properly please make sure the following conditions are satisfied:

  • For All Devices:
  1. Make sure bluetooth is turned on.
  2. Verify the WEATHERmeter is connected. This can be done a few different ways:
  • First check to see if the main screen of the Wind & Weather meter app is showing a green "Start" button.
  • If instead of green "Start" button there is a gray "Not Connected" on the screen, then push the on/off button once. The LED light on the WEATHERmeter might blink a few times before it connects. Once it does connect, there should be the green "Start" button on the screen.
  • Try holding down the on/off button on the WEATHERmeter until it flashes. Then, press the on/off button once to turn it back on. It should connect and the "Not Connected" will switch to the green "Start" button.


If you find that the issue persists, please contact us via Chat or and we will provide a workaround solution. 

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