Nowcast and Nowcast Spots

Nowcast spots are not weather stations. There are no sensors at any particular Nowcast location; they are not atmospheric observations. 

Meteorological data from a Nowcast spot is interpreted by WeatherFlow's "NowCast" model every 15 minutes. The model accounts for real-time observations made by surrounding weather stations along with the latest computer model data to provide atmospheric conditions for a specific Nowcast spot.

The NowCast will provide a "best guess," but please note the accuracy of NowCast data varies, depending on available data as well as local meteorological conditions.


You may also view computer model forecasts for Nowcast spots just as you would for weather stations.

You can save Nowcast spots to a MyWeather favorites profile the same way you would save weather stations or other content to your favorites profiles. Just click the star icon to save to the active favorites profile.

For more information on saving favorites, see Saving Favorite Spots, Maps, and More

To add or create a Nowcast spot, see Adding a Nowcast spot

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