LIVE WIND, Wind List and Wind Obs Map

When you do a search for wind, we offer you three great ways to view the data: LIVE WIND, Wind List and Wind Obs Map. (Note: LIVE WIND is not yet available on our mobile apps.) These three features share the same center point from your search (such as "Miami"), but otherwise they offer uniquely different perspectives:

1. Wind Obs Map
The weather stations are plotted on a traditional map, and this has been our go-to view for many years.

2. Wind List
Our Wind List feature gives you a RANKED list of the weather stations in your chosen area. This is the goal of the Wind List: to give you the top-ranked stations in the area, and their wind speeds & current weather data. The more people that Favorite a station, the higher that station's Rank becomes. So, be sure to add your favorite stations to your Favorites list!  It is on your Favorites list where you can choose (in the Settings) to display your stations by average wind speed, by Name (Alphabetical order), etc.  Also, on the Wind List, all stations within 65 miles (105km) of your search center point will be shown, with the highest Ranked stations on top.



On our LIVE WIND page, we combine our popular Flow Map with the above-mentioned Wind Obs Map and Wind List. Viewing all three features on one page gives the user the keenest possible insight into the current wind conditions. The current forecast wind flow, and the critically important real-time weather data provided by the weather stations in both map & list formats.


If you find our services useful, please tell your friends! We hope you enjoy it.

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