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* Note - Wind List is currently available only on our iOS apps, and on the and websites. Our other websites, and our Android apps, we will have this feature soon.

When you do a search for wind, you have two great ways to view the data: Wind List or Wind Map. The two features share the same centerpoint from your search (such as "Miami"), but otherwise offer uniquely different perspectives. Wind Map plots the weather stations on a map, and this has been our traditional view for many years.

Our Wind List feature gives you a RANKED list of the weather stations in your chosen area. This is the goal of the Wind List: to give you the top-ranked stations in the area, and their windspeeds. The more people that Favorite a station, the higher that station's Rank becomes. So, be sure to add your favorite stations to your Favorites list!  It is on your Favorites list where you can choose (in the app Settings) to display your stations by Average Windspeed, by Name (Alphabetical order), etc.

On the Wind List, all stations within 65 miles (105km) of your search centerpoint will be shown, with the highest Ranked stations on top.

The list includes just about all known weather stations within 65 miles (105km), which in many cases will be hundreds of stations -- hence the need for a Ranked list!

 If you know of other weather stations that we should add, Tell Us.

Giving you the top results in a quick and easy-to-reference format, the Wind List can be useful when traveling, and also when at home. A great way to discover new stations, which you can then add to Favorites, if desired. From the app main menu or the website navigation toolbar, choose "Wind List", or do a "Search" to initiate a Wind List search.

Again, when you switch from the Wind List to the Wind Map, the app keeps your same search centerpoint but shows your results in our traditional Wind Map format. We suggest you use both the Wind List and the Wind Map: they are quite different -- each with their own unique benefits & strengths.


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