About WeatherFlow


About WeatherFlow

WeatherFlow is a team of over 30 meteorologists, engineers, programmers, and data scientists. Back in the late 90s, we realized that although weather is everywhere, good weather stations with accurate reliable data are not. In fact, in many areas, The Weather comes from National Weather Service stations installed in the 70s at a nearby airport, or worse, from a poorly sited station reporting inaccurate data.

So, we set out to identify strategic areas lacking good weather data. In order to fulfill our mission, we ended up installing one of the largest, private, high-qualityweather networks in the world. Then we combined the unique data from this network with a carefully curated set of trusted weather data to dramatically improve forecast accuracy and provide hyper-local observations in key areas across the US. We got so good at it that agencies such as the Department of Defense and the National Hurricane Center came calling on our expertise. For over two decades we’ve provided increasingly better weather data so that our customers can make better decisions, saving them time and money, and increasing safety.

Nowadays everyone seems to have a weather app on their smartphones. But we continue to see massive discrepancies between The Weather and Your Weather - the conditions in your own backyard that affect you directly. With advances in smart home technology, environmental monitoring, and automation in commercial areas such as agriculture, we recognized a greater need for quality weather data everywhere.


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